Just Mundane

I wake up to this view every morning. Well, when I walk two floors down and open a door to the veranda, I do certainly wake at this every morning.

As I gaze at the ethereal beauty of the blue sky and rusted rooftops, while sipping my morning tea and mastering the art of Zen, I am once again reminded of how normal my lifestyle is. I wake, I bathe, I brush, I eat, I drink, I brush, I walk, I learn, I sleep. Not necessarily in that order, though I prefer the sleeping part to be placed after eating, but no, maybe I want to sleep every time so who knows what I’d do any day.

I consider myself average though I sometimes see myself as below average amidst the multitalented dear peers of mine. I don’t excel in music, arts, photography and sports, though my music choice is good, I draw squiggly lines around letters, my camera does all the work and I was the captain of the badminton who lost every important game after being voted as captain. (They deemed me captain after winning a crucial game that lead to our championship while embarrassingly shedding tears like wimps throughout the match point together with my opponent.)

I berate myself for denying the chance to learn to play musical instruments (violin, piano, guitar) and chose to learn how to swim instead. I mean, who does that? My friend is a triathlete but mostly a competitive swimmer. She shows off every time and I’m a little envious. I learned much back then but I stopped my sessions before I could even learn the butterfly stroke. But I half thank myself every time because I have not drowned in beach trips and the statistic of me drowning in an 8 ft pool is still 27%, so I’m good.

I did not drown, however.

Still, I urged my mom to buy a violin three years ago but she refused to pay for my classes so what was the point. Said violin (Frederick) is awaiting dust and rat poop in the corner behind my also dusty cabinet. (I will not post a portrait of him in fear that his ego would be tarnished because of his dusty state.)

My life’s just mundane. (I really like saying the word because in every paranormal book, evil characters with supernatural powers love saying that to humans who are also in a book.) And I like to clink tea cups to those who are just as mundane as me.

Also to the persevering physical theraphy or medical students like me. Let us clash our chestpieces for deafening sultry banging sounds.

Hello, I am new here. I made this blog for the sole purpose of revealing my thoughts to strangers. I will not reveal this to my friends, however, only that I am telling them I have a secret blog because every one of them seems to have at least one. My best friend had a secret blog filled with genius and my two other best friends found out about it without telling me. I am hurt. I will avenge myself.


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