Just Unamused

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Little Abby couldn’t believe what she heard. Mr. Whittaker, mid-thirties, a business conglomerate, had been a family friend. Unfortunately. Mommy had asked out of the blue for a spontaneous portrait before they head out for a stroll. A stroll with Mr. Whittaker! What was mommy thinking? Little Abby did not smile. How could she smile? Look at that man! A man with an immortal scowl. Little Abby wanted to cry.

Mr. Whittaker held the hands of two children whom he does not like. He did not like children, at all. Joanna had asked him of an emergency favor over the phone. Of course, he had to go and see what she needed, he was indebted to her. But he didn’t expect to babysit her children for a day! And a portrait even! What was this woman thinking?

Robby couldn’t care less. He had his hat on too tight. Why did he have to wear this hat? What was mommy thinking?

Joanna just snickered evilly behind the camera.

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