My Life So Far With Bacon Pancakes

I’m back from the dead! I expected slow updates (more than a month has passed woah) because that’s what medical school does to you.

2nd year 2nd sem sched

Even if you were not loaded with a lot of subjects, you always end up exhausted. Even with that particular health economics teacher who only had two classes with us so far! Tired as a nutter, I am that. One other thing to point out is that I always am on the internet, just not on social networking sites. I am a lurker.

normal dayAbout 2 weeks ago, typhoon Pablo passed by my region which turned a normal and sunny day like this into:

Pablo wat r u doinSuch a gloomy sight. Classes had to be suspended for a day and I couldn’t rejoice with a momentary rest because the rain was falling so hard and the strong winds kept on rattling the fifth floor made of *sturdy* wood of which I am in.

we're okayAnd now we’re all contributing to help the victims of the typhoon. But we are okay! My stuffed animals can attest to that. Some sultry lightning to give an effect.

Apart from that, nothing much happened except two days ago I had a mini vacation with family and friends. I’ll blog about that later, hopefully not next month though. But I’ll obviously blog about Christmas here!

Oh, before I forget…

yumHere’s the titular bacon pancakes I made! I like it messy, even though I usually don’t. It’s because the pan I used has low supply of its non-stick quality. I need a new griddle.

(I admit that it tastes okay, nothing out of the ordinary, because I actually prefer the bacon to be beside the pancake, hahah! But Adventure Time made me take some bacon and put it in a pancake ♫)


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