Cheers to 2013!

Let me begin this post by saying 2012 was quite memorable. I mean some things happened and some things didn’t. I say this because of my daily routine as a couch-potato type of person and I mean it when I say I spent 3 days just lying on my back, my laptop on my lap (with in between minutes to shower and eat, of course.)

But regardless of the misgivings and regrets that will eat me up, 2012 was a good year. Just like the last New Year’s, I began 2012 with some resolutions in mind (although I only have some I remember vividly):

  1. Don’t be lazy. Abhor procrastination!
  2. Talk to people and speak properly in front of a crowd. Be confident!
  3. Manage priorities. Especially ones involving a closet.
  4. Don’t be a hermit!
  5. Be responsible! Arrange the things on work table.
  6. Sleep at least 8 hours a day!
  7. Eat a lot. Gain weight and grow tall!
  8. Exercise! Adjusting your body to a good position while in the computer is NOT exercise.

While these are some of the resolutions I had, I could say numbers 2, 3 and 7 were affirmatively accomplished. Except for number 7 I don’t think I actually grew taller, but…anyway. The rest are some things I will work upon this year and more productivity to happen!

Some resolutions for this year!

  • Buy a moleskine. To conveniently write and improve penmanship, hahah.
  • Write more. Just about anything. More from this blog, perhaps.
  • Actually finish a story. Those plot bunnies must be written!
  • SAVE MONEY. For that one-month trip to Hong Kong if it happens.
  • Spend more time with friends! I heard that 3rd year in Physical Therapy would be PURGATORY.
  • Appreciate more and to stop wearing the bitch face 😐 (Even though it’s because of the structure of my face.)
  • …which means I should smile a lot anyway!
so creative

I tried β˜†



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