For the whole course of the book, as I breezed through the pages once again, I haven’t decided on a word that I’d want as a favorite. The proverbial undecided. It occurred to me that the first time I read this book, I hadn’t noticed words solely because I read them as a whole in a sentence, and by all graces, this author got me hooked on her prose. A simple flow of sentences but I related on how she relayed feelings that give you that strum on your heartstrings and the imaginary butterflies in your stomach. But most of all, one thing that made me want to put this book as one of my favorites is because of the poetry.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m someone who appreciates poetry as is but never have I delved into so many like I’m being sucked into a whirlwind of emotions. This book had poetry speaking from voices of different people, of truth, of life, of love, of death, of anything.

This book is certainly memorable to the extremest point that the author is one big fan of The Avett Brothers and their composition had been written as chapter titles. Their words just speak to you, like they know that you deserve to hear them. I love everything about this book. And the sequel? Equally just as the best.

So now, there really isn’t a question on what my new favorite word is. Slammed. I realize I love saying it as I do the verb of it. All my life I have slammed a lot of things, especially doors. By accident, intentionally or out of any emotion I felt. The word slammed is just perfect, just the past tense of it. I have no words. I just slammed my fingers onto the keyboard to show that the book is amazing and the author is really creative and inspiring.

And so I give the proverbial rating of cups of tea. But, a note to remember:

“The points are not the point; the point is poetry.”

5 cups of tea.


(I’d like to point out that proverbial might be another favorite word of mine.)


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