Sea Green, See Blue

Just last month, last year, I’ve been lucky to have had two mini-vacations! It all occurred in the beach and I enjoyed the two different resorts at different places.

One was in the further south of Cebu City, a resort in Alcoy.

gloomyThe day started gloomy and rain poured down on us but nevertheless we had much fun until the evening where we spent the night. There aren’t much photographs I could show that are decent though, hahah. All I could say, that day was crazy.sunriseWe woke up the next day hungover and depleted but we were able to scour some fresh fish and everyone was cured with hot soup.fine sandOne thing to point out in this beach is the fine sand. I really like sand seeping into my nails and the after-feel of it being washed and seeing your toes/fingers a wee bit clean!palm trees

The other mini-vacation I had was in Mindanao, the city of Surigao, a beach called Mabua.

rock beachWe settled in the farthest tip of the beach near the big rocks because the sea here is so clear and sparkly! And only a few feet from the shore, the water becomes deeper and deeper. That’s because the land is naturally steep.The most interesting fact about this beach is that instead of sand, it’s filled with rocks, like literally the whole wide beach. It extends to I-don’t-even-know-how-much miles.Some said the rocks give birth that’s why there’s so many of them or that all those rocks were already there in the first place.Another thing is that taking rocks is illegal for business purposes and whatever because it was said that it will bring bad luck to those who have taken it.Aaand we also had fresh fish here that was made into stew and sashimi with the local’s homemade sauce. (Locally called Kinilaw.) Yum yum. Who doesn’t like fish?Beaches have that tranquility that is different from other places. Maybe that’s just me, but the sound of waves, the fresh breeze and sand to stick your feet in are really calming. An hour would pass while I just sit in the sand looking over the sea and I wouldn’t be bored. The sea is really the best getaway from all the modern technology, civilization, and life in general. This is coming from a person who feeds off the internet and socialization everyday, hahaha.

Looking forward to more vacations in the future if possible! It may be in another city or country, but for me, the sea is the first place I’d go for a break if I can any day!

(Title is referenced from a very cool song!)


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