Sentiment For Breakfast


Did you know that one plant only grows a pineapple a year? It takes a full year to cultivate it for harvest. It takes motivation and hard work for just one pineapple. You might be a gardener who fancies growing one pineapple plant as a hobby or you might be the farmer who grows a few acres of pineapples.

What are you? The gardener who enjoys himself growing the plant or the farmer who grows for profit? Why are you hesitating? Are you someone who settles for “good enough” or someone who just pines for anything to be easy?

Maybe that’s what you are. You are in a world full of people with different intentions. You are surrounded by success and prosperity. You are standing in the midst of process. You are seeing change. You are holding back. You have so many words to say yet you do not say them. Why are you afraid? Why do you look around so much, seeing everything around you and not minding your own happiness?

You’re a coward. But you’ll always be if you don’t take a step. It’s a process. Don’t fear the unknown because it doesn’t exist. If you let it on for long you’ll be swallowed by your regrets and to deeply experience a grief knowing you did nothing, is the worst feeling.

What do you want to do? Don’t hesitate. Take a step. You want to eat all the pineapples? You can eat all the pineapples you want. If that’s what gets you going, you do it. You live your dream. If your dream is eating all kinds of pineapples, then do it.

Look around you. It’s not just you who feels this way. Some people are on the same boat as you. And whether or not you jump out to free yourself to the ocean, swim your way against the waves, you might just find yourself on an island.

Full of pineapples.

You know you can live your life however you want, so


(I’m not sure why some people don’t like pineapples. They don’t know what they’re missing.)


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