Juice in a Jar and Blister

two favorite things

Meet my two favorite things: Pineapple juice in a jar (not urine, thank you very much) and my dying bonsai whom I unconsciously named Blister. Like from that song Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes. A song which I suddenly come across again after a few years and felt the need to repeat a hundred times, head banging to the beat, without noticing the annoyance of no one ever because, oh yeah, that’s right, I never go out of my room.

I digress.

So, here I am, contemplating much about whether going out early morning everyday to jog or waking up well for school and sleeping ’til noon on weekends.

Hard task.

I don’t usually pros and cons my way to a good decision but right now I feel the importance to do so.

Early Morning Like 4am Jog Everyday


  1. I’ll have the right amount of exercise for my size and age.
  2. I’ll be alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic the rest of the day.
  3. I’ll be able to join my family for breakfast.


  1. 4am.
  2. Why even 4am, you ask?
  3. Because my dad joins me and he doesn’t approve of 4pm jogs.
  4. Because breakfast starts at 6am.
  5. And parents work at 7am.
  6. School starts 730am.
  7. My body clock wakes at 5am.
  8. Alarms don’t work ’cause I usually sleep late.
  9. Did I mention 4am?

Waking Up Well For School And Oversleeping On Weekends


  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Get enough rest if I’m studying the night before.
  3. Or my usual sleeping late habits.
  4. I’ll be alive and awake in school.
  5. And will not grumpy face.
  6. Brunch on weekends.
  7. Dream time extension.
  8. Walking to school is exercise.
  9. Violent Femmes wakes me up on weekends.


  1. Unhealthy.

OKAY, obviously an impasse is needed. *chuckles*

So, how about I do Jogging Whenever I Can Actually Wake Up That Early and Oversleeping ‘Til 9am For A Late Breakfast?

Good, yes? OKAY.

Priority is set, and I’m sure you’re wondering why a dying bonsai is a favorite thing of mine right now.

NO. No, it’s not because I’m irresponsible, which I’m not totally, that I do not water it twice a day that its leaves wilted. Pre-dying, that is, the bonsai was very beautiful and doing a good job doing nothing, sitting pretty for months. And then suddenly after much care of watering, it got cancer and is slowly dying…

Goodbye, Blister I Shouldn’t Have Named As Such.

Update: the inevitable has passed. R.I.P. Blister


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