On the Sunny Side of the Roof


rooftopcloudsthe neighborhoodmore cloudstwo towers

For me, the roof is one of the most tranquil places where I could just sit, think, enjoy the view, and maybe get some inspiration too.

In this place, I’ve had the pleasure to watch the sun rise and set. And sometimes I just sit there at midnight to watch the moon and the stars.

The best times are when it’s Christmas and New Year’s because of all the fireworks that go off at the same time, and wow, it’s one of the main reasons why I look forward to those holidays.

You get a bird’s eye view. You can blast jazz music and everyone will get to appreciate Chet Baker. You can spy on other people too, though I won’t because what if they are naked or something. 

These are the perks of having a five-story house.


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