You’re Still Awake

IMG_4212 4194 4187

This really cool journal was a gift from one of my best friends and she knows me so well by giving me this! It’s great because I can’t sleep most nights where I usually creep into the internet until dawn. Supposedly, I should be doing productive work, but nope, the internet is so interesting when you have to work/sleep! Why. And it’s also because I have a lot of plot bunnies in my head that I type it into Word.

Fun fact: I once wrote 15k words and accidentally deleted it. I didn’t feel bad about the wasted time though a normal person would freak out about that but I didn’t and I guess I’m not normal because I’d do it all over again. Eat your heart out, George R.R. Martin!

Anyway, school starts back tomorrow and I’m already in my third year of university! What a feat!

Here’s to more sleepless nights, late night cramming, merciless professors, terrifying tests, cheap food, and great time with friends nonetheless!

I channeled my inner Tony Stark with the permalink in this post, hahaha.


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