Pep Talk

I’ve been on the busy side of things lately since the school year started. And being immediately sucked into a new perspective on major changes didn’t help my state of utter stress.

Still hung over the beauty that was summer, I’m recently thinking about what could’ve been if I had done so and so, improved myself in a better way to prepare myself for what would be called “Hell Year” which is the third year of university studying BS Physical Therapy. (That does not mean bullshit.)

Just so you know. I didn’t do so and so.

Imagine you’re under water, very deep water, with scuba gear and the necessities, and you’re so down under that you wouldn’t be able to do anything when your oxygen tank malfunctioned. It fucking broke, becauseĀ that’s life and shit happens. You twist and turn, panic as you realize the surface is so far above, while you watch sea folk looking at you while they breathe with their gills. You’re drowning and nothing can save you.

That’s a dreadful reality. But hypothetically? It’s even worse.

The feeling when hope is lost but nothing drastic is happening. You’re there. You’re normal. But your mind’s your worst enemy.

Don’t be that guy. Don’t be the guy who gives up, that let his demons run him over with a big ass truck. Don’t be the guy who does nothing and let everything else swallow him up. Don’t lose hope.

Hey. HEY. Calm the fuck down, yeah? Shut the fuck up and breathe. Take a moment to just sit and don’t think. Don’t panic while you think about your insecurities, you’re worries, and the tests you having to fucking pass or else you’ll wait a whole year to take the subject again. Don’t. Panic.

It’s easy to lose yourself with your worries and hard to shove them back to the farthest crevice in your brain in order to forget about them for a minute. But you know what? Think about them always. Let them be a reminder of what you have to accomplish lest they might happen. Let them be a motivator. Do not let them take you away.

Those tests? You can fucking ace them, man. You’re smart. You’re calm. You can understand the medical shit the books throw at you. Those medical shit helps you in the future. The professors are difficult in order to train you. When you’ve experienced the worst, the hardest, and the craziest, you’ll come out to the real world dealing hardships with ease.

Your classmates that got the highest score? Let them be a motivator to do better. Don’t let them undermine you. You’re intelligent like them. They just studied harder than you. So, what do you do? You study. You do not lay back and give up because you know it’s gonna be hard. You take those notes and study them. Don’t just memorize. Understand. Analyze. Internalize.

You can do this, man. Eight tests mean nothing when in the end, you’ve passed them all.

But hey, everyone already knows it’s gonna be a fucking challenge, so when you know you’ve tried your best, there will be no room for regrets.


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