Get The Cool Shoeshine

Hey! I’ve been plunged into a new perspective on things that are generally most important in life recently, resulting in specific changes that has happened and will probably, in the future. My life’s kinda taking on the busy route lately, and well, this blog’s for me to type shit down and let some things out.

But! I wanna point something out first. You know that feeling you get when you’ve listened to a particular song years ago and you stumble across it now, it still gives you that same amazing experience? Yes! That song. When what you did back then was repeat it a thousand times over until you get sick of it but still love it nonetheless? Yes! There is that song for all of us. It gives you back your childhood, and then and there, you’re warped back into the past, wishing it could be like that forever. But it couldn’t be. Yeah.

Anyway, the busy side of life mostly correlates to work and school. For now, it’s school. And I’m tired as hell.

I could not stress it more than I could as I type, but fucking hell man, school sucks. In both ways really, good and bad. It could suck in a good way because you learn as you deprive yourself of sleep. Although it could suck in a bad way ’cause you deprive yourself of sleep.

So! From the first few weeks of June everything was so chill, it was like I was a hippie all the time. No stress whatsoever.

But then! Here comes the but then! All the calm washed out, and suddenly, exams everywhere.

Yeah, I know I’m not that hardworking at studying, but I try. I try, man. It just couldn’t become an everyday thing! How could someone study everyday? I mean, you could do something else like: tumblr and YouTube, man! Internet things! Stuff! So many interesting things to do when you have to study, ya know?!

See, that’s the problem I wanna change. Studying is tedious, but I have to. And my kind of study habits get me just enough to pass. That’s not satisfying, at all. It’s degrading when I, myself, know that I’m more capable than just average, ’cause I’ve overachieved before. Not always though, the reason being I couldn’t maintain that level of tediousness. I want to play, man. It’s always been 2/3 play and 1/3 study. It’s not sad that I favor play over school, when at this stage in life, it’s also important to enjoy yourself. But in the near adulthood, the things I learned is how I get through life. So some things have to change.

The best advice I could give myself would be: Balance.

Steady yourself while thinking ’bout your worries. Y’know what I mean? Stay level-headed when you overanalyze.  Study, study, and study, but spare some time to play. Think happy when you’re sad. Don’t be too much of what it is right now. Don’t be too pessimistic. Don’t be too depressed. Don’t be too happy because life finds a way to fuck shit up. Don’t expect too much, but don’t lose all hope either. Have balance in your life. Don’t be dysfunctional and then give up.

And most of all: Calm the fuck down.

Man, I’m deep.

So! I’m gonna get the cool shoeshine, and prep myself for another week of tests.

I’m gonna try harder this time.


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