A lonely night without noise
In a solace long since coveted;
The tendrils of black fell with a dance
Across shoulders, hips, and waist
It moved ever so slightly
No wind in the tight space
‘I want it back,’ a whisper;
An echo of a beat sounded
The depths of a mind soulful
And courage of a step followed.
Heel strike, foot flat
And then the other, again and again
Arms lifted, almost weightless
Legs raised inch for an inch.
The song had sounded loud
And chorus of freedom felt
But the night had gone old
Windows dark and quiet and indifferent
No more bended knees
And not a flex of a head
The song echoed of nothingness,
Steps back to the end.
It was a lonely night without noise
Solace grasped; but only threadbare.
And then clear as the unwavering poise,
To lay in the lonely bed
Was the only choice.


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